Tom Krebsbach

Tom Krebsbach
General Manager

• Nature enthusiast
• World traveler
• Enjoys biking
• Adventurous extrovert
• Die hard Vikings fan
• History guru

Dar Nelson

Dar Nelson
Vice President of Operations

• Minnesota Vikings Fan 
• High school wresting supporter 
• Deer hunter

Stacia Schumaker

Molly Steffens 

• Mother of two energetic boys - ages 7 and 4
• Enjoys attending sporting events
• Loves to golf but just not very good at it... yet   :)
• Avid bingo player!

Jeff Hareid

Jeff Hareid 
Vice President of Sales 

• Likes to watch hockey and football 
• Voted Class Clown in High School 
• Enjoys boating and fishing 
• Last name is a town in Norway 
• Can't pass up Sushi

John Edwin

John Edwin
Creative Packaging Consultant
SE Minnesota/Western Wisconsin

• Beer aficionado 
• Golf hack 
• Cartoon lover 
• Star gazer 
• Lawn slave 

Scott Fredrickson

Scott Fredrickson 
Creative Packaging Consultant
NW Iowa/SW Minnesota  


• Fishing enthusiast 
• MN Gopher basketball fan 
• Appreciates a good Bloody Mary 
• Enjoys the Food Network
• A proud dad

Greg Severtson

Greg Severtson 
Creative Packaging Consultant / Structural Designer
NE Iowa

• Could live on pizza alone 
• Drinks Mountain Dew for vitamins 
• Can slice a golf ball 300 yards 
• Had first gray hair in high school

Dave Flugum

Dave Flugum 
Creative Packaging Consultant / Local Sales
Des Moines

• Spending time with family
• Sports fan

Raul Pollman

Raul Pollman 
Sales Representative

• German boy with a Latin name...
• Huge Family Man Love to spend time
   with kids and Grandkids
• Any free time spent at my second
   home in Florida
• Call me if you need a box!

Kortney Lunzer

Kortney Lunzer 
Sales Representative
St. Paul  

• Will proudly wear my Cheese head hat, Go Pack Go!
• Has a spoiled little dog named Sophie
• Loves to travel and try new things
• Loves to spend time with family and friends

Brad Adams

Brad Adams 
Plant Superintendent

• Likes golfing & hockey
• Enjoys spending time with his son

Lance Tufte

Lance Tufte 
Shipping Manager

• Minnesota Vikings fan 
• Likes watching and going to sporting events 
• Enjoys camping and boating
• Enjoys watching his kids sporting events

Craig Hagen

Craig Hagen 
Maintenance Manager

• Devoted to my beautiful thirteen year old daughter 
• Addicted to northern MN fishing and camping 
• Wanna Be biker (midlife crisis?)
• Pretty darn good with a grill

Scott Dickson

Scott Dickson 
Quality Manager

• Likes to travel
• Vikings Fan
• Once jumped out of a plane
• Swam with the dolphins

Travis Westcott

Travis Westcott 
Ink Specialist

• Proud father of three great kids 
• True blue shellback 
• Enjoys waterfowl, pheasant, and deer hunting
Megan Gentz

Megan Gentz 
Office Director

• Mother of two daughters 12 years apart
• Hates seafood...watching people eat it grosses me out 
• Has lived in the same small town my whole life

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson 
Customer service Representative 

• Volleyball league participant
• Amateur ice fisher woman
• Never wears pink
• Beginner golfer
• Future Locks for Love donator

Natasha Moyer

Natasha Moyer
Customer service assistant

• Started playing hockey when I was 3 and still play today.
• Deer and turkey hunter
• Love dogs
• Family is most important to me
• I have a daughter

Dolores Gavle

Dolores Gavle
Customer service Representative

• Being a grandma is #1
• Born in France
• 6 years ago found out she has a sister in France
• Loves grilling in the summer for friends

Cheryl Christensen

Cheryl Christensen
Customer Service Representative

• Riding Harley with Husband 
• MMA fan 
• Likes dogs

Amy Milligan

Amy Milligan 
Customer Service Representative 

• 6 minutes older than identical twin sister 
• Likes to golf even though I’m not all that good at it
• Love to ride motorcycle with husband

Abby Christensen

Abby Christensen 
Customer Service Representative
• Love grill outs and campfires with friends and family
• I enjoy riding motorcycle
• Animal lover

Erin Ducommun

Erin Ducommun
Design Manager/Packaging Engineer

• Ambitious Designer
• Packer fan
• Sports baker
• Loves traveling
• Bean baggist

Greg Leidal

Greg Leidal 
Key Account Manager/Compliance Director

• Personal/Fitness Trainer 
• Fighting “Midlife Crisis”
• Turkey on wheat instead of
Pastrami on white... 
• “Hold the Mayo”

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson 

• Avid snowmobiler 
• Favorite store - Mills Fleet Farm
• Volleyball dad
Bryan Katzenmeyer

Bryan Katzenmeyer 
Structural Designer
• Memorized π to 50 decimal places 
• Will gladly eat a 1-pound hamburger and the fries. And half of your fries. 
• Trained my cat to beg, shake, lay down, and roll over

Stacia Schumaker

Stacia Schumaker 
Human Resources Manager

• Ride my own Harley Davidson
• Was a hockey cheerleader in college at St. Cloud State
• I love reality TV
• Favorite places to travel.. Italy, Islands of Hawaii and Sturgis
• I have had 12 family members including myself work at MCB over the years

Heather Schultz

Heather Schultz 
Front Desk

• Getting married Memorial Day Weekend 2017
• Has six siblings- 3 half/3 full
• Likes baking, scrap booking, being outside, and spending time with family and friends

Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson 
Accounts Payable /

• Ice cream Lover 
• Deer hunter 
• Red Wing Pottery collector
• Halloween nut 
• Has over 200 barbie dolls
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